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Why make a site about Aeroponics DIY

This site is all about aeroponics DIY. However, I will be talking about other methods such as aquaponics and hydroponics. My goal of this site is to show different methods that aeroponics can be used. These methods could revolutionize our food industry if done correctly. Aeroponics DIY would make a much more efficient and self-sustaining way to produce the food that we all love and need. Our population will continue to grow in the coming years and over time we will run out of space. I know this will not Aeroponicshappen anytime soon but why not embrace the future now instead of “kicking the can”. These methods are very important because they can be implemented in a way where you have a closed system.   For instance, aeroponics DIY while getting your nutrients from fish (aquaponics). Having a pond with say tilapia that you can eat in the future that create lots of nutrients for your plants. Then setting up misters that automatically spray the plant roots. Finally, rain water that feeds into your system to replenish evaporated water. Once set up correctly you will not have to add anything to your system. The system is now creating its own little ecosystem. I should mention technology plays a very important role in this and embracing items like raspberry pi’s etc. will make your maintenance very low on these complex ecosystem if set up correctly. Seeing all of these futuristic methods of producing food with skyscrapers in the middle of a town that provide food for thousands of people really inspired me. I wish to one day see a world like that. This is why I believe writing about aeroponics which will force me to completely understand it. I will be able to share my finding with you and hopefully be able to inspire others to help create those futurist cities that frankly I cannot do by myself. Learn more about the differnces between hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, and geoponics here. If you want to get started on a very small scale one of these would be a great starting point!

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