What you will need for you  DYI

  • Fish (gold fish)
  • Fish food

Once you leave the water to sit for a day or two we need to get a couple items before putting in the fish. Now, I would recommend starting with some cheap goldfish until you feel comfortable using a fish that you can eat. The other reason you want to use gold fish is they cost much less. Also, you don’t want a fish that will outgrow the tank in 6 months. A 20 gallon fish tank is not big enough for bigger fish like trout or tilapia. So I would stick with goldfish until you move onto a bigger system and you have a good grasp on the whole thing. You could get some very small koi if you think you are going to expand your system at a later point.


Go to your local pet store or here and get 10-20 gold fish. You will also want to pick up some fish pellets there or Tetra 16162 TetraColor Tropical Flakes, 7.06-Ounce, 1-Liter. They will come in a plastic bag with some water of course and you will want to bring the fish home immediately. Once you get them home put the bag with the fish in the water. Don’t open the bag just yet. Wait around an hour and then open your bag at the top and let some water from the tank into the fish bag. Then wait 10-15 min before dumping the fish totally in the tank. Now, sprinkle in some fish food and enjoy your fish tank. I will write an article at a later date showing the possibility of automating feeding your fish! You will now want to wait to move onto the next step and get the fish to eat and do their thing in the water for a while. Member the whole point of having these water critters is so they produce nutrients for your plants. We are using fish instead of nutrient solutions in this aeroponic system because the less inputs in the aeroponics system the better. Also, fish are fun to have as well. Plus if you get larger systems you can breed fish that you could eat. The goal of this system will have the most efficient and autonomous system that you can just enjoy. Look for more in the future! Also, I made this whole system myself for under $100 dollars. So it is extremely possible to do this on a budget!

Keep watching for more here !