Getting your Aeroponic Garden Tank Setup

Getting your Aeroponic Garden Tank DYI


To get started on your low cost aeroponic garden I would first start off by getting a 20 Gallon Fish Tank. You can get a used one on your local craigslist or you could buy one Marineland (Aquaria) AMLPFK20B Biowheel Aquarium Kit with LED Light, 20-Gallon .Once you get a tank you are ready to start filling your aeroponic garden. I would recommend setting it in a fairly sunny area or if you are setting it up indoors get a T5 Bulbs . This is important because most vegetables that you might want to grow in your aeroponic garden need sun. Once you have the tank and the place you are going to place fill it up with water. You can use your sink water or you can fill it with rain water. I will write another article later on how to automate filling up your tank with rain water at a later date. Once your tank is filled you want to leave it for a day or two. Especially with sink water and the chemicals that are in the water will be extremely hard on your fish in your aeroponic garden. Next, is to get a bubbler and air pump which you can get at your local pet store or here and here. Once you get the pump you will need to plug this into a electrical socket with an extension cord or use solar panels. I will write another article on how to use solar panels.

Next article we will get those fish in that tank!